Have you ever…

Felt like all of your life experiences have led you to a point where you know what you’re doing is meant to be, even though you never planned it? Like, starting a family, changing your career, picking up a sport, or new hobby. That’s where I’m at with writing about elections. It may sound unbelievable because I have a B.A in Political Science and a Masters in Journalism and Business, but it’s true. Never did I want to be a “writer” or have anything to do with politics… Look how that turned out! (facepalm)

My career in marketing, having worked with famous clients and brands like Nike, adidas, eBay, Intel, 72andSunny and Riot (to name a few). Being a Silicon Valley based tech startup co-founder, a CMO for a blockchain company, an election judge in 2020, and a co-founder of a non-partisan, 100% volunteer grassroots civics association has led me here. For the past few years I’ve been writing specifically about U.S. elections as a hobby and appearing on local and national media discussing the issues; now it looks like it might be my new career.

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Holly at Altitude

I'm a de-platformed freelance writer covering U.S. election topics. Karens, SJWs, and "The Establishment" detest me. I'm non-partisan and stand for The People. Maybe you've seen me on local and national media discussing election issues.